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´╗┐Keith E. Post DDS Testimonials

Kudos Dr. Keith,

"Dr. Keith Post is an excellent provider of dental services. He is thoroughly professional and caring. The whole team is like a family to me and our family uses their service. Anybody, who is looking for friendlier, professional and caring service, look no further Dr. Keith is the best."

Mohana A.

The best dentist I've ever visited!

"This guy is straight-forward, caring, warm, and friendly! I don't feel comfortable letting anyone else work on my mouth! My daughters have been seeing dentists since they were 1, and this is the only one THEY actually enjoyed! Before they saw him, they would start screaming and throwing tantrums whenever we had to see the dentist (my older one bit a dentist 6 times when she was 2 1/2!) Now, they're actually EXCITED to go to the dentist! They absolutely love him, and so do my husband and I!"

Crystal G.

"I've been going to Keith Post to have my dental work done for years. The receptionists are always nice, especially with children, and Keith himself is a good dentist. The only complaint I have is that he constantly plays classical music, which always seems kind of strange while he hovers above you, drilling at your teeth or what not, and you can hear Mozart in the back ground. It's extremely surreal, other than that though I don't have too many negative things to say, he's relatively gentle & he gives you a free toothbrush."